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  • I live in Pigfarts, Mars (Heck YEAH I live in Mars!)
  • My occupation is Ravenclaw Student, and Stalker of Darren Criss and Chris Colfer
  • I am Female :)
  • Ilovekurtandblaine

    Wow. Long time no see on this wiki. Ever since that big incident came upon us, we hardly even go here. :( I wish people started coming back here again. It's veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrryyy lonely. I miss all of you guys! And to that anon who was mean to The Faberry Team, SCREW OFF. That wasn't nice. It was just a team.

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  • Ilovekurtandblaine

    I miss when we all did RP here. I miss when this wikia was active! I miss the edits on OCS!!! GAHH It's so lonely in here! :/ No one hardly edits here anymore!!!! If you need me (most likely not) you will find me somewhat 'trolling' on the internet. D:

    COME BACK MY BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO LONELY!!!


    - Kristine (Tina), Ilovekurtandblaine "Promise me that you'll never forget me because I thought you would never leave."-Winnie the Pooh ♥

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  • Ilovekurtandblaine

    Hello users! It's me Tina!!! :D I'm just here to say that I recently learned how to make templates, so if you guys want me to make you a template, just leave in a comment in the comment section BELOW!! So, yeah... Here's the templates I made:

    The template name is: Klaineiscourage

    The template name is: Winniethepooh

    The template name is: Youmatter

    The template name is: LGBTrights

    Here what I need you to do if you want a template:

    1. What you want it to say
    2. A picture (has to be an icon)
    3. The colors of the template
    4. Etc..

    If you have any questions go on my talk page right HERE!!

    Goodbye, Love with courage, -Tina


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  • Ilovekurtandblaine

    Ello to all who come to my fortress of weirdness!! I had a good idea to post my crazy gifs i have in my folder to you guys... So please enjoy, take, or do anything you want with them!! Please be patient because they take awhile to load....

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  • Ilovekurtandblaine

    Ello Meh Lovelies

    This blog is just a random free blog... which you can express yourself in any way... There is no right or wrong in this blog, Just say what's on your mind.. vent out bad feelings, say random words... spam the comments with random (appropriate)gifs... ANYTHING!! Well.. goodbyes!

    I needz a sammich!!

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