The Chapter!

Vivian: Don't tell anyone about this.

Michelle: I know. It'll be our secret. I feel like a tramp -cries a little-

Vivian: It's fine -kisses her lips- You'll be fine.

Michelle: Woah! I said we'd makeout but you wanna be something

Vivian -kisses her with passion- Yes -smiles sexily and leaves-

Michelle: -barfs a little and goes back to sleep-

The whole summer was like this they kept making out and well it was school!

Michelle: No Vivian no matter what you do you're not going to make me

Vivian: Try out to be a Cheerio please!

Michelle: NO. YOU DONT MAKE THE DECISIONS FOR ME -runs away and cries and bumps into someone-

??: Hi! I'm sorry! Ooh are you ok?

Michelle: I'm fine,Mimi

Mimi: Ok then.

Michelle leaves

1 month into the school year

Michelle walked down the hall in denim shorts, white shirt and a leather jacket with combat boots and someone pulled her into a closet.

Michelle: What the hell? What do you want Vivian?

Vivian: I miss our sweet sissy kisses.

Michelle: Umm I do too. But

Vivian: C'mon

Michelle: -kisses her-

Vivian: -smiles and touches Michelle's legs-

Michelle: Haha that's all your getting

Vivian pulls her closer and strokes her hair and they make out and Michelle leaves

Michelle walks into the choir room

Mimi: Where were you?

Michelle: No where. Nowhere

2 weeks later

Vivian: Michelle -makes out with her in closet-

Michelel: I can't keep doing this -Vivian feels her legs--

1 day later

Michelle isn't at school

Alison:.........Ew we know

Vivian: Know what?

Alison........You made out with Michelle


End of chapter

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