Hey guys I was bored so I'm going to make a fanfic of Vivian and Michelle.


Michelle woke up feeling really hot. Well it was summer. Her parents weren't here. She went downstairs to get some breakfast. She was wearing purple pajama shorts and a purple tank top. She saw her sister,Vivian.

Vivian: They're on a bueiness trip

Michelle: Ahh.

Vivian: Well..Get something to eat.

Michelle get a bowl and gets some cereal and eats.

Vivian: So..

Michelle: I'm bored.

Vivian: I don't know it's summer. It' supposed to be fun.

Michelle: Let's go up to my room it's hecka hot in here.

Vivian: Ok!

Michelle and Vivian go up to Michelle's room.

Michelle:So what should we do?

Vivian: Let's play dares!

Michelle: GOOD IDEA -squeals- I go first

Vivian: Ok!

Michelle: I dare you to prank call that guy you like.

Vivian: Dylan Hudson? Uh Uh NO WAY!

Michelle: What are you,chicken?

Vivian calls Dylan

Vivian: Hello It says here you are Dylan Hudson. Uh Huh. Well your credit bill...It's been declined. IT'S A PRANK -hangs up-

Michelle: Coward.

Vivian: Ok my turn. Ooh make out with me

Michelle: No! You're my sister.

Vivian: No body will ever know!


Vivian leans closer and kisses her

I'm not going into detail that's gross they just made out

Vivian still kisses her. Then stops.

Michelle: is that it?

Vivian: Yup. This never happended...


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