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  • ILoveGlee

    Sorry I've Been Dead

    November 3, 2011 by ILoveGlee

    I am SO SO SO sorry to everyone! I know I've been DEAD for weeks. SCHOOL! But to tell u. I will be going on more in christmas vacay. And ueah

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  • ILoveGlee

    hello so i will keep making these cause IM BORED.

    Vivian: You have no proof,Alison FakeBoobs.

    Alison: My boobs aren't fake.AND TRUST WE HEARD YOU MOANING IN THE CLOSET.

    Vivian: Alison that was you and that guy from your PE class.

    Alison: -blushes-

    Mimi: Well we took a picture! -shows picture of Lucille and Vivian kissing-

    Vivian: It was a dare,Stupids

    Mimi: Listen we all know you're lesbian but WITH YOUR SISTER?

    Vivian shurgs: She's hot.

    Alison thinks: She's right.

    Lucille walks in

    Alison: -snickers-

    Lucille: WHAT IS IT,ALI?

    Alison: I know you made out with your sister. -laughs- Haha

    Lucille: Shut it!


    Vivian: -making out with Lucy- Lucy. Who cares if they know?

    Lucille: I care. I mean that can ruin my rep

    Vivian: -st…

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  • ILoveGlee

    Vivian: Don't tell anyone about this.

    Michelle: I know. It'll be our secret. I feel like a tramp -cries a little-

    Vivian: It's fine -kisses her lips- You'll be fine.

    Michelle: Woah! I said we'd makeout but you wanna be something

    Vivian -kisses her with passion- Yes -smiles sexily and leaves-

    Michelle: -barfs a little and goes back to sleep-

    The whole summer was like this they kept making out and well it was school!

    Michelle: No Vivian no matter what you do you're not going to make me

    Vivian: Try out to be a Cheerio please!

    Michelle: NO. YOU DONT MAKE THE DECISIONS FOR ME -runs away and cries and bumps into someone-

    ??: Hi! I'm sorry! Ooh are you ok?

    Michelle: I'm fine,Mimi

    Mimi: Ok then.

    Michelle leaves

    1 month into the school year

    Michelle walked down t…

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  • ILoveGlee

    Hey guys I was bored so I'm going to make a fanfic of Vivian and Michelle.

    Michelle woke up feeling really hot. Well it was summer. Her parents weren't here. She went downstairs to get some breakfast. She was wearing purple pajama shorts and a purple tank top. She saw her sister,Vivian.

    Vivian: They're on a bueiness trip

    Michelle: Ahh.

    Vivian: Well..Get something to eat.

    Michelle get a bowl and gets some cereal and eats.

    Vivian: So..

    Michelle: I'm bored.

    Vivian: I don't know it's summer. It' supposed to be fun.

    Michelle: Let's go up to my room it's hecka hot in here.

    Vivian: Ok!

    Michelle and Vivian go up to Michelle's room.

    Michelle:So what should we do?

    Vivian: Let's play dares!

    Michelle: GOOD IDEA -squeals- I go first

    Vivian: Ok!

    Michelle: I dare you to…

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  • ILoveGlee

    The Cheery Cheerleaders!

    September 18, 2011 by ILoveGlee

    Hello.I am Camilla!! How are you guys??! i MADE A GROUP THE CHEERY CHEERLEADERS. So yeahh.

    Rachel: FinntanaLover99

    Tina: TotalTinaLover.

    Quinn: Me :)

    Santana: SantanaROX

    Brittany: Littlemissbrittany888

    Emma: Dr.Stinky.

    Pregant Quinn: QuinnQuinn

    Sue: Immagleek18


    Picture Maker: Finntanalover99\

    Gif Maker: Laurakeee

    Mercedes: Laurakeee

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