About EricEdit

Eric Hernandez is a 15 year old boy. He attends McKinely. He is mexican. He has a crush on Lucille which is totally noticeable. He is a good singer. In the past Eric was always bullied. He likes to shoot videos that are funny but also likes to sing.

Eric Hernandez
Eric is the one with the hat.OK? LOL
Gender Male
Birthday December 16th
Full Name Eric Miguel Hernandez
Family {{{Family}}}
Relationships Lucille(Crush)
Sexuality Straight
Vocal Range {{{Vocal Range}}}
Audition Song Heya-Outkast(lol don't judge)
Likes Lucille



Dislikes Alison
Strengths Cuteness


Weaknesses Lucille
Occupation Works At The Mall
Portrayer Eric Ochoa(Check him out on Youtube:Supereeego)


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